Thursday 24 May 2012

Classroom Based Learning vs eLearning - Which Is Most Beneficial?

I am not a teacher by trade but I do work for a training company, Futuretrend, which have been in the training industry since 2000.

I personally believe that classroom based training is generally the best method for learning.

The group environment will usually generate a natural interactivity within the classroom, the other students will most likely ask question you never thought of & are usually make good study partners. The classroom experience can be greatly enhanced by a teacher that is good at their job, they should understand where the students are coming from & keep the classes interactive. There is a lot more to teaching than just possessing knowledge... otherwise what would be the need for teachers we would just use books.

But I do believe that eLearning can be effectively used to support what is taught in the classroom & enhance the education industry as a whole. But it will never replace classroom based learning on a global scale. Could you really image all the children staying at home & logging into a webinar instead of going to school?

That’s what we do here at Futuretrend, we have excellent classroom based courses which is supported by our extensive revision resources online.

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